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Printed wide-area sensors


VTT offers roll-to-roll printing technologies combined with low-power microelectronics enabling the integration of sensing and communication functions into wide-area, flexible and thin surfaces.

Combining sensing and communication technologies

Printed sensors can be used to interactive graphical products such as posters with user interfaces, gaming and entertainment applications, and indoor or structural monitoring in buildings. Sensor readout and communication with the ICT Infrastructure is implemented using highly integrated silicon-based microelectronics and established communications protocols. This hybrid approach enables the creation of new products with novel functions and a short lead-time to market.

VTT's wide-area sensing technology is thin and flexible, compatible with standard communications protocols such as NFC, RFID and ZigBee and integratable into surfaces with printed graphics and different textures, enabling attractive user experiences.

Printed sensor systems are based on a combination of sensing and communication technologies such as touch sensors, light sources and displays. These systems can be powered using flexible batteries, printed solar cells, or electromagnetic field radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) technologies, for example. Wide-area implementation also enables non-touch capacitive sensing for proximity sensing or non-contact user interfaces.

Sensor systems R&D and service offering

In sensor system development, VTT has an extensive and multidisciplinary R&D offering to enable fast product development. R&D projects can include:

  • Sensors and interconnect printing
  • Flex integration
  • Integrated and embedded electronics design and implementation
  • Sensor network solutions using various communication protocols
  • Application prototyping including software and hardware development