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Recovery from effluents

Contact VTT to improve your material efficiency and to comply with increasing regulatory demands!

Metals and minerals recovery from effluents starts by understanding the chemistry of the effluent. We then apply our range of precipitation, filtration, electrochemical and other technologies to design and develop the recovery process. We offer tailored solutions based on our long-standing experience and hands-on expertise.

The regulatory pressure is on, and companies are redesigning their processes so as to comply. Furthermore, recovered metals may have value for the process or as a raw material for other applications.

Precipitation and Cementation for Efficiency

Our core competence consists in chemical precipitation and cementation. In addition, research is strong in sulphate reduction and metal precipitation with sulphate-reducing bacteria. We master the recovery of base metals (e.g. copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt) as well as gold and rare earth elements. In addition, we also develop novel bio-based adsorbents for recovering valuables and also work with phosphorus recovery and biogas production.

Expertise in Water Treatment and Recovery

Our experts provide solutions for combined waste water treatment and recovery of residual valuables, supported by our laboratories and test environments. In addition, we are working with many industrial processes and their side streams in order to improve environmental aspects and metal recovery. We also seek out new streams than can be utilised. Our work is mainly applied science with the possibility of continuing to bench-piloting and modelling. The main customer sector is the mining industry – we collaborate with almost every Finnish mine – in addition to global projects. Other big customer sectors are the metal and chemical industry as well as the energy sector. We network actively in these areas

Today, treatment and valorisation of effluents is closely linked to environmental issues and economic feasibility. Our approach combines both these aspects. We also look into supporting and connecting processes and technologies.