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Metals separation

Turn your side stream into reusable material economically – contact VTT to see what your options are!

VTT’s separation capabilities consist of technologies, IP, pilot environments and related expertise to separate your metal fractions in a form where they can effectively be used for other applications or safely deposited. The techniques range from mechanical treatment, membrane technologies, precipitation, and bioleaching to hydrometallurgical methods.

Separation is usually the key process to cost-effective utilization of the fractions. And it is not just about cost avoidance but about finding a value for the fractions.

Know-how and expertise from separation technologies to metal products

Our competence covers the whole separation pathway from feedstock/waste to value-added product/neutralized waste. The research and development is active in flotation with e.g. metals separation of electric and mineral wastes. Moreover, we master the selective leaching of valuables with hydrometallurgical operations and bioleaching, working with base metals (e.g. copper, nickel, zinc and cobalt) as well as gold and rare earth elements. The leaching step is followed by solvent extraction, precipitation and electrochemical methods. Also, our membrane technology laboratory is a respected pioneer in its field. Our novel separation technologies also include bio-based adsorbent systems.

Experience and Networked Research for the Mining, Metal, and Energy Sectors

We work closely with our customers with the option to proceed to hands-on bench-piloting and modelling. The main customer sector is the mining industry, and we have collaboration with most of the mines in Finland in addition to working with international clients. We also serve the metal and chemical industries, as well as the energy sector. We work in a networked manner.

Today, metals separation is closely connected with environmental compliance issues and economic feasibility. In our work, we combine the different aspects of process development for the benefit of the customer.