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Material characterisation and evaluation

VTT offers its expertise and a range of methods and analytical equipment for your use

Characterisation of a side stream is a starting point for all further considerations, as well as compliance-related issues. VTT offers its expertise and a range of methods and analytical equipment for your use, as well as an evaluation of use potential and treatment options.

Regulation is getting tighter in waste management, and companies and municipalities are working proactively in response. It all starts with understanding the properties of the side stream.

Be prepared and stay ahead – contact VTT!

Assesment of the environmental impact of waste and by-products 

Our work is based on long-term experience from the assessment of the environmental impacts of waste and by-products, in which deep understanding of the materials’ leaching behaviour plays a central role. VTT is a specialist institute, which is also stated in the Finnish waste legislation and has been assisting the Ministry of Environment in the implementation of the Council Decision on landfill acceptance criteria (2003/33/EC) by preparing a national guideline for the assessment of waste at landfill.

State-of-the-art tools for material characterisation

We use accredited leaching tests in assessing the utilisation potential and landfill acceptability of waste. These tools also serve to demonstrate the impact of material processing on their environmental properties. Sophisticated equipment, such as the sweeping electron microscope, together with highly experienced personnel, help in planning the most suitable processing scheme for a material, as the exact location and form of a valuable metal or contaminant in the matrix can be discovered.

We work in close co-operation with the mining and metal industries as well as waste management and recycling companies, in order to manage their waste in an environmentally sound manner and to get the most resources out of their secondary raw materials.

Laboratory-scale material characterisation combined with environmental assessment methods and techno-economical studies forms a strong base for optimal waste management solutions.