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Prefeasibility studies

Contact us to ensure feasibility of your process idea!

Toward feasible process

A Pre-feasibility study contains process and cost calculations of one process unit or total process. A prefeasibility study is an essential tool for investment decision making. Feasibility of new process idea can be confirmed by prefeasbilty study and preafisibility studys of different process options can be used for process comaparison.

Contact us to ensure feasibility of your process idea!

Four different types of process options for sulphate removal were evaluated for the customer. The processes were simulated using HSC-sim process simulator software. Data like reagent consumptions and volumes of process streams from the models was used for cost calculations. Customer used the information provided by model and cost calculations for their process selection.

Knowledge from ore to metal

Our competence covers process calcualtions, sizing of process equipment and investment and operational cost calcaulation. We can also provide test work needed for the process ans cost calculations. Our laboratory research competence covers the whole chain from ore to metal. 

World wide co-operation

HSC-Sim process modeling software is our main tool for process calculations, which is widely used software in mining and metallurgical industry. VTT has networks in several Universities and engineering comapanies. VTT has had projects with mining, cement and zinc oxide manufacturing and metallurgical industry and companies dedicated to environmental issues and waste water treatment.