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Modelling and simulation

Fast and accurate answers to customers’ problems by modelling based on chemical principles

​Answers to customers’ problems

VTT Provides fast and accurate answers to customers’ problems by modelling based on chemical principles. We have developed simulation tools, such as ChemSheet and KilnSimu for modelling complex industrial phenomena. Advanced modelling and simulation provide prompt and cost-saving methods to evaluate new investments or optimise existing processes.

"For cement manufacturer, improvement of thermal efficiency of the process is strongly requested. KilnSimu is very powerful and useful tool to analyze the whole cement process. We can estimate the effect of process improvement quantitatively by KilnSimu" Dr. Yokota, UBE Industries.

The KilnSimu model was successfully used to predict the cement clinker crystal formation and composition and to estimate the harmful circulation of sulphate and chlorine species originating from recycled alternate fuels in the precalciner and the rotary kiln.

“VTT evaluated four process options for sulphate removal. Process models and cost calculations were very useful, and we were able to choose the best process” Pasi Kreivi, Agnico Eagle.

Four different types of process options for sulphate removal were evaluated for the customer. The processes were simulated using the HSC-sim process simulator software. Data such as reagent consumptions and volumes of process streams from the models was used to produce cost calculations. Customer used the information provided by model and cost calculations for their process selection.

“VTT’s approach is well suited for industrial purposes and their programmes can easily be connected with commercial process models.

Yet they are unique and help us to find new international customers for our simulation business," says Kenneth Eriksson, President of Process Flow. Ltd Oy. 

Deep understanding related to several industrial processes

VTT possesses a deep understanding related to several industrial processes combined with modelling know-how, which can be applied both in process and phenomena modelling. In addition to process parameter computation, VTT can provide operational and investment cost estimation. VTT research focuses on modelling hydrometallurgical processes, as well as phenomena modelling, such as modelling surface energy and foaming in steel production among others. VTT’s unique Constrained Gibbs Free Energy (CFE) method offers new possibilities for the materials science and process industry. Our customers benefit from improved runnability and better control of measured process parameters, and from gaining an introduction to a new process chemistry alternative.

Tools and networks

VTT takes advantage of well known process modelling software, such as ChemSheet, KilnSimu and HSC-sim, to run simulations. We also prepare our own models based on thermodynamic principles. These models can accurately describe the customer process. ChemSheet is a particularly useful tool for rigorous multi-phase thermodynamic calculations, such as hydrometallurgic systems, molten salts and salt mixtures. VTT has networks in several universities. VTT has had projects with mining, cement and zinc oxide manufacturing and the metallurgical industry as well as companies dedicated to environmental issues and waste water treatment. VTT has also provided solutions to problems for removing chloride and potassium from the kraft mill's chemical recovery cycle.