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Advanced control and CBM



VTT offers know-how to build an advanced intelligent control system for customer's machines. We can help you design and implement highly advanced automation systems of semi-autonomous operator assistance control systems. We are particularly adept at developing demanding control algorithms and devices related to the management of kinematic chains. VTT has a HIL-simulation environment for efficient prototyping and optimization of machine's manipulator structures, actuator systems and control systems prior to manufacturing. This enables rapid development of control algorithms in realistic environment, which can be then easily transferred from HIL-simulation to prototype testing in real machine.

Condition Based Maintenance increases the knowledge of the operation and behavior of machines and processes throughout their entire life-cycles. This leads to more optimized operation, improves the productivity and safety. For this VTT has offering for Operation & Maintenance analytics.


See youtube video of advanced machine automation


See youtube video of VTT O&M Analytics



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