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Industrial Internet - productivity game-changer


industrial internet

Today's equipment lets you know when it needs servicing. But imagine if required spare parts were stored in digital format, transferred by email, and manufactured and installed locally by a nearby service ecosystem partner.

This is only a small example of the kind of transformative change that the Industrial Internet will bring. It promises to massively boost productivity and open the bottlenecks in automated diagnostics and prognostics.

Industrial Internet technologies are a core VTT competency. It's one of the tools we use to help customers improve efficiency and productivity.

Enhancing production & asset management

With the Industrial Internet, smart factories can simulate and optimise production before manufacturing begins. Production can also be made to respond dynamically to disruptions or changes in the order book, while production units self-reconfigure with no re-engineering required.

Novel manufacturing methods like additive manufacturing (3D printing) will especially benefit from the integration of intelligence at the structural level. This will enable, for example, the cost-effective integration of sensors during the manufacturing process rather than afterwards.

Since the Industrial Internet connects objects to the Internet, it vastly improves asset management as well as diagnostics and prognostics. Assets worldwide will be able to analyse and optimize their state and share data with head office. This leads to efficient real-time process tuning and learning.

Choose VTT and discover your business potential

Industrial Internet technologies help improve productivity. With VTT's insight, you can quickly identify the best ways of improving your processes. Once those areas have been identified, we will furnish you with enabling technologies and help you in the successful deployment of Industrial Internet Big Data technologies.

We also help to improve industrial asset sustainability. We offer the information management decision-making tools for physical phenomena, sensors and connectivity, and big data management and visualization.

​When you are ready to join the Industrial Internet, choose VTT. We are a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and play a catalyst role in the Finnish Industrial Internet Forum (FIIF).


​​​Industrial IoT

  • ​IoT services and applications
  • Wireless communication and sensing
  • Energy harvesting and optimization methods
  • UWB and impulse radar technologies
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​​​Industrial optimization

Digitalization allows companies to have access to a lot of data that is relevant for their operation. How to use it to act cleverly is often harder than collecting and managing the data.

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​​​​Advanced control and CBM

​VTT offers know-how to build an advanced intelligent control system for customer's machines. We can help you design and implement highly advanced automation systems of semi-autonomous operator assistance control systems.

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