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Material solutions from powder to product

Powder Piloting Service for design and processing of powder based materials and components

Powder Piloting Service offers services from early stage feasibility studies and market surveys to pilot scale production of powder based materials and components.

We are material experts specialized on powder based materials. We can boost up your development needs and adoption of resource efficient manufacturing and alternative materials for substitution. 

Our focus is on material solutions for:
  • Components: 3D printing, powder metallurgy
  • Coatings: Thermal spray, laser claddings
  • Powder based additives: Reinforced castings, catalytic, functional fillers e.g. EM shielding
  • Circular economy solutions (secondary raw material based solutions): Utilization of industrial side-streams in powder technology and in added value industrial materials

Powder manufacturing process.



​Powder Piloting Service provides extension of company's R&D

  • Whole chain from raw material synthesis to component performance testing
  • Pilot scale processing of materials and components
  • Feasibility studies to check ideas and inventions
  • Tailored material compositions
  • Material efficiency and better use of recycled materials and side streams as secondary raw material in products
  • Support for different stages on product process


​Material solutions for components, coatings, functional additives and circular economy

With Powder Piloting Service we are able to provide all development activities in one location enabling tailor made and fast service. Our material expertize combined with application know-how enables proper selection of materials to meet demands of operation environment.  

High performance components with tailored properties

Powder based materials offer freedom of design to realize high performance components with economic and ecological way. Powder metallurgy enables unique possibilities to tailor properties of component to meet even the highest demands of operation environment. By utilizing route from material design to product design and manufacturing new components with optimized properties can be realizeded.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) — Development steps from powder to product:

Development steps from powder to product (Additive Manufacturing). Read more about Additive Manufacturing on Slideshare


Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) — Development steps from powder to product:

Development steps from powder to product (Powder Injection Molding). Read more about Powder Injection Molding on Slideshare

Coatings for demanding operation environments

Coatings offer versatile solutions against wear, corrosion and high temperatures in wide range of industrial sectors such as energy, mining and transport. By proper selection and/or tailoring material properties the cost efficient solutions full filling performance criteria's of operation environment can be realized.

Read more about Thermal Spraying on Slideshare

Major advantages to properties with functional additives

Powder materials offer simple way to modification properties of base material. Versatility of powder based additives offer almost unlimited possibilities, such as more sustainable and economic components based on graded or locally reinforced structures or added functionality like integrated catalytic properties or electro-magnetic properties.

Circular economy by utilizing new raw material sources

Sustainable material solutions based on utilization of industrial side streams and by-products as a material feedstock. Increasing raw material prices with simultaneous attempts towards energy efficient processes enabling lower carbon footprint products are drivers for utilization of secondary raw materials. Powder technologies offer possibility to utilize these new raw material sources and develop cost efficient processing routes for products.

Read more about Circular economy - secondary raw materials on Slideshare

VTT Powder Piloting Service offers material solutions for components, coatings, functional additives and circular economy.  

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Customer references

Selected projects

Materials for extreme conditions

  • Pinnoiteratkaisujen kehitys ja testaus jätteenpolttolaitoksen korroosio-olosuhteisiin - WASTECOAT 2013-2016

Secondary raw materials & Circular economy 

Security & Defense

  • Material solutions for stealth technologies 2013-2018

  • Modelling assisted development of ballistic armour materials 2015-2016

  • Light weight microwave absorbing materials 2015-2016

  • Functional material solutions for body armours 2013

  • Hybrid materials for ballistic protection 2010-2012