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Flexible and intelligent robotics

Productivity leap

​​Robots and robotic systems improve productivity in many industrial applications. Modern industrial robots provide an excellent platform for application development, though in some cases it is better to design a completely new robot or manipulator to meet the requirements.

Modern flexible short-series production places great demands on the robot system: programming has to be fast and easy, during the execution the robot has to adjust to deviations, and the overall quality of the process has to be even. This requires special expertise and know-how.

Replace current or develop new process

Together with VTT, you can pilot the automatization of the current work process or develop a completely new process to replace existing ones. In our solutions, we utilize various robot programming methods, sensing technologies for work object localization and task execution as well as quality inspection. By utilizing advanced process models, we ensure that the process results in high quality. If the application needs it, we can design a new robot or manipulator to meet the requirements.

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Collaborative robotics and increased automation – from research to industrial concepts