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Noise control and sound quality

Improve product properties

​We are machine and vehicle noise experts. We focus on:

  1. Troubleshooting and practical R&D interpretation of noise measurements.
  2. Numerical noise modelling, such as FEM and SEA, and model optimization. We also know how to validate models and how models are translated to real products.
  3. Product Sound Quality. It is not always only the dB level but the Sound Quality, and how it affects the machine operators, workers, passengers and citizens.

The earlier the better

The earlier we are involved in the product Research & Development work the better. We have years of successful experience in solving vibration and noise challenges in machines, vehicles and marine applications. We offer noise and vibration related services extensively throughout a product’s life-cycle. We help our customers from the innovations of new product concepts to final products.

Tools do matter

We have state-of-the-art measurement equipment for field and on-site measurements. We can verify simulations and virtual prototypes, and measure the noise, vibration and other dynamic properties of machines and vehicles.


​Target Applications

We are machine and vehicle noise experts. We are also familiar with the target applications. We know the noise origins in target applications and how to treat noise sources and propagation path.

6 top target application areas: 

Mining and construction


Off-road vehicle noise   


Agricultural & forest tractors


Cooling systems, fans and mufflers


Combustion engines

​Underwater acoustics












​​Main software

One of our main expertise areas is numerical noise, vibration and acoustics modelling, such as FEM (Finite Element Modeling) and SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis). Also, we do model optimisation to improve the product properties. We also know how to validate models with appropriate measurements and how models are translated to real products.

Modeling software

  • VA One (SEA-FEM Hybrid Modelling)
  • Actran (Acoustical FEM modelling)
  • Abaqus (FEM modelling)
  • Ansys (FEM modelling)
  • Siemens NX, NX Nastran (3D CAD design environment, FEM)
  • Altair Hyperworks (FEM modelling, meshing, optimization)
  • Ansol Coustyx (Acoustical BEM modelling)
  • Mathworks Matlab-Simulink (Sound Quality simulation and
    control development, modelling)
  • I-Deas (3D CAD)
  • Cadna A (environmental noise)

Analysis tools and software

  • Microflown particle velocity probes, Scan & Paint visualisation and in-situ material acoustic properties measurement software
  • Listening test facilities
  • Head Acoustics Artemi S Sound Quality Analysis
  • Siemens Simcenter Testlab and Test Express (Data acquisitions and signal analysis)
  • Labview & Compact RIO data acquisition and analysis tools



We have a large spectrum of noise and sound quality scientific publications. Our publication forums include thesis and dissertations, journal and conference articles, and reports.

Here are some highlights of our recent publications:


More publications at VTT Publications Database.