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​Embrace the eco-efficient machines and vehicles of the future

How can machines and vehicles be designed to minimize power consumption, increase efficiency and move towards autonomous operation? Efficient operation design not only saves power, but also supports intelligent machine control systems and remote operation, and helps with recovery from failure or malfunction.

VTT's vision of the future includes lightweight machines and vehicles made of materials optimised for their specific use, whose parts and components can be easily recycled. These vehicles can involve electric or fuel engines, or a combination of both.

We concentrate on user interface design that makes machine operation easy and intuitive. Our human-machine interfaces incorporate cognitive features that correct operations and enable even beginners to operate machines at a professional level. Features that enable autonomous operation bring operational productivity to a whole new level.

Harness advanced design methodologies & expertise

VTT arrives at final design only after extensive analysis, multi-criteria optimisation and virtual simulation when necessary. We have extensive, advanced facilities to run all kinds of tests, verifications, and to build pilot system prototypes. VTT has more than 30 years' expertise in developing novel solutions for machine and vehicle industries and we can help you make that quantum leap in your own product development. Together, we can improve the productivity and eco-efficiency of your current machine or vehicle, or we can help you to design a totally new solution for your needs. 


Machine automation boosts productivity and reduces risk 

Are you looking for a competitive edge in machine design? Automation and smart control technologies can raise machine productivity to new levels, also under demanding conditions. It also reduces the risks encountered by operators: When machines performing highly precise tasks are easier to control, it reduces the operator's exposure to stress and strain. Advanced control and remote operation systems can improve productivity by as much as 50 percent compared to traditional, direct machine-specific control.

Automation upgrades represent a unique sales opportunity. As you develop additional software-based features and services for your machines, you can provide them to end users at affordable prices. Updates can enhance productivity and usability, while monitoring software can provide you with information for further development and tailored training services.

Reliable, well-planned product development from concept to prototype

VTT can implement a full automation and smart control development cycle: from requirements specifications to prototype testing. We also provide lifecycle planning services and, with the help of our partner network, productisation and maintenance services.

VTT customers are provided with a completed system architecture tailored to their needs, as well as software adjusted to the system for implementing modern, decentralised controls. Devices from major commercial manufacturers can be used as the main components of the system, or, if necessary, we can design and implement tailored solutions for special needs.

For the most part, we conduct R&D as a simulator-assisted process, which means that the actual prototype device does not need to be built before the basic functioning of control systems and software components has been ensured. The simulator environment also facilitates integration of the mechanics and hydraulics models of the most common design systems, enabling development on the basis of the customer's own models.

VTT builds efficiency into the development process. We typically integrate the final control system into the simulation environment at the early stages of system development, ensuring that control system verification is conducted in a controlled, safe and cost-effective manner. This brings flexibility into the adoption of new control systems and software components in the product development phase.

Machine automation services scaled to suit your needs

From concept to prototyping, VTT can help you design and implement highly advanced automation systems for improved efficiency and operator safety. We are particularly adept at developing and imple​menting demanding control algorithms and devices related to the management of kinematic chains.

VTT makes use of the newest design tools, the best technological solutions, and an extensive product development and testing environment. Over the past 20 years, we have collaborated with a host of multinationals and start-ups. We can help meet your needs, too. Choose VTT for the next generation of machine automation solutions.


​​​Flexible and intelligent robotics

Robots and robotic systems improve productivity in many industrial applications. Modern industrial robots provide an excellent platform for application development, though in some cases it is better to design a completely new robot or manipulator to meet the requirements.

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​​​​Assessment and safety justification

In regulated areas, such as nuclear power, healthcare, railroads and aviation, companies must justify the safety and security of control systems in an unarguable way. Doing this for complex systems is challenging and must cover both technical and organisational aspects.

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Model checking for automation

Model checking is a computer-aided verification method developed to formally verify the correct functioning of a system design model against its formal specification. Typically, some variant of state machines are used to model the system, while the specifications are formalized with temporal logics.

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Apros is multifunctional software for modelling and dynamic simulation of processes and different power plants. Apros can be used on an ordinary office computer.

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Solutions for new energy sources and zero emission vehicles

While we develop energy efficient components for the automotive and other industries, we also lower CO2 emissions by developing biofuels, improving power generation efficiency and boosting the application of alternative power sources. We also offer system integration services for building energy efficient vehicles and powertrains.

For power production we work on renewable fuels, diesel-electrical power generators, and fuel cells. For energy storage we focus on batteries, their packaging, charging, and performance—particularly in cold climates. With regards to electrical power transmission, we focus on electrical motors and generators, including novel permanent magnet-free electrical motor solutions.

​Energy efficient motors, renewables, fuel cell and battery development with VTT

We have put our research to the test in many areas, including electric buses and shipboard heat recovery. VTT has participated in several electric and hybrid bus development and field testing projects, and developed commercial waste heat recovery solutions for ships.

We provide techno-economical evaluations of alternative design rating performance in terms of system cost, total cost of ownership, lifecycle performance and environmental footprint. If your needs include energy efficient motors, renewables, fuel cell or battery development, VTT is at your service.


​​​Electrical machines and drives

Globally around 45% of electricity is consumed in various electrical motor systems converting electrical energy into its mechanical counterpart.

Electric bus systems

VTT is your partner of choice in planning and design of urban electric bus systems as well as electrification of other commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

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​​​Battery technologies

Whether fully electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, commercial or passenger electric vehicle, electricity storage in batteries is the key technology and one of the most challenging components within the vehicle.

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 Systematic performance optimisation

VTT develops, validates and optimises machinery, powertrains, and vehicle components. We contribute virtual design to the R&D process and make use of validation tools that enable us to compute machine specifications from expected performance figures. These may include capacity, reliability, lifetime, but also lifecycle cost, energy efficiency, and materials footprint. This approach eliminates guesswork, shortens development time and can produce substantial savings.

Cut costs & optimise with virtual modeling

Virtual modeling saves cost by decreasing the number of mechanical prototypes required. VTT uses a wide range of detail design and virtual validation tools including material models, sub-component level models, and structural dynamic models in the mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal domains. Functional models created include mechanism models and virtual machine environments. We also offer solutions that combine models for full system performance evaluation.

VTT has achieved world success in diesel-electrical power generation and hoisting machinery. If your needs include performance optimisation, testing or validation, we are at your service.


​​​Electrical machines and drives

Globally around 45% of electricity is consumed in various electrical motor systems converting electrical energy into its mechanical counterpart. More energy-efficient electrical machines and their optimised use in different processes present a huge potential for worldwide energy and cost savings.

​ ​​​

Defect tolerant fatigue design

Material and manufacturing defects such as porosity, inclusions, and crack like defects have a significant effect on the fatigue strength of load bearing components. However, depending on the size, shape, location and distribution of the defects their effect on the component fatigue strength can be accepted in many cases.

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​​​​VTT ProperScan® for productive operation

VTT ProperScan®​ service is based on gathered 500 person-years of combined scientific and practical experience on materials performance, manufacturing procedures and degradation in operation conditions.

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​​​VTT ProperTune for optimal material design

VTT ProperTune® is an advanced computational modelling-based m​aterial design methodology. ProperTune optimises material design, replacing expensive, time consuming testing and shortening time-to-market for new products by an average of 50%.

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VTT offers its customers profound knowledge on tribology (friction, wear and lubrication), top-level testing equipment, a computer modelling approach and international networking opportunities.

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​​​3D printing as a competitive edge

Additive Manufacturing (AM), or 3D Printing is part of the digital revolution. It is changing the structure of the manufacturing industry and the way it is operating, especially in countries, where the competitiveness rests on high-end products and short series.

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​​​Energy efficient ships

VTT presents a novel ship energy flow simulation platform to holistically design and operate ships more energy efficiently and environmentally friendly. With the well-proven benefits to our partners, we provide partners and customers concept-to-delivery solutions in various applications

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​​​Noise control and sound quality

We are machine and vehicle noise experts. We are also familiar with the target applications. We know the noise origins in target applications and how to treat noise sources and propagation path.

​ ​​​
​ ​​​

​​​Vibration and shock

We know the vibration origins in target applications and how to treat excitations and transfer paths. We can meet the challenges and use the opportunities that different material properties bring to vibratory questions.

​ ​​​

​​​Fatigue design

We focus on conducting field measurements and computational analyses (FEA) of fatigue critical structures (e.g. welded structures) and dynamic structures.

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Apros is multifunctional software for modelling and dynamic simulation of processes and different power plants. Apros can be used on an ordinary office computer.

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