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Arctic and cold climate solutions


arctic technology

Expertise on extreme harsh and demanding cold climate environments

Our expertise is on sustainable and safe solutions for offshore, marine, coastal and infra structures and operations in harsh and demanding cold climate environments. The solutions are developed by utilizing multidisciplinary research on material and environmental science together with our clients.

There is a high global interest in the natural resources (oil, gas and minerals) of the Arctic region, which is becoming more easily available due to shorter winter periods and reduced ice coverage caused by the climate change. Also, new sea routes, North-East and North-West passages are becoming available introducing a big opportunity to ship building industry and at the same time a big challenge for safe year-round navigation in the vulnerable Arctic region.

Arctic and cold climate technologies

​VTT is known for its expertise of developing reliable and sustainable operation methods for the delicate cold climate environment. We believe there is plenty of business potential in this area.


Wind energy in cold environment
  • Ice loads on offshore wind turbines
  • Ice prevention system for wind turbine blades 

Ice-structure interaction simulation

  • Structural performance of offshore structures in ice-covered waters  

Winter navigation and maritime operations

  • Ship performance in ice: full-scale experiments, numerical estimations and development of the simulation platform
  • Monitoring and decision support systems for ships based on satellite images  
Ship propulsion in ice
  • Ice loads on propulsion: modelling and full-scale measurements
  • Ice class rule development 
Ice physics and mechanics
  • Modelling of ice failure, ice friction and icing 
Construction and material technology for cold environment
  • Advanced materials
  • Frost protection
  • Optimised energy solutions for buildings and districts 


Wind energy in cold environment

We have more than 25 years of experience of developing technology to create new business opportunities and to bring wind power cost competitive in power generation, especially in cold climates.

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