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Let us help you to adopt robotics

Robotics has become a central part of the manufacturing industry. The challenge of modern production – short batch production and customized products – requires robots to be agile and flexible. Robots can access places unsuitable for human workers. Even detailed maintenance operations can be performed remotely, and they can be enhanced using virtual reality technologies.


Recently, the rapid, ongoing development of robots has enabled robotics gain new ground in sharing the workspace with human workers, and robotics has entered entirely new business areas in the service industries. In the health and service sector, robotization is one solution for tackling the challenge of aging population.

Robotics solutions are rarely used without any human support. By employing knowhow from human factors and user experience in all research and development projects, we can ensure that the humans' interactions with the robots are as fluent and comfortable as possible.



How VTT can help in applying your robotics solutions?

VTT offers outstanding expertise in applying robotics solutions to industrial and service contexts. Our multi-disciplinary experts can tackle diverse challenges, ranging from engineering hurdles to new ways of working with robots. As a large research centre, one of our advantages is having easy access to support from substance areas that are not directly related to our robotics research and contract work. We have strong links with the Finnish industry, including SMEs, and we are actively collaborating on the international level in EU projects and digital innovation hubs as well.

Our facilities include on-site mechanical workshops and test facilities and are equipped with industrial, collaborative, logistics and social robots. Our equipment also include laser profilers, scanners, cameras, and simulation and software development platforms needed to build a diverse variety of applications. Additionally, we can use VTT's experience centre and virtual reality laboratory to experiment with early design concepts in immersive environments, or take our mobile user laboratory with us to the field.


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