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The latest news are available on Finnish Wind Power Association website (only in Finnish).

08.05.2013 - New turbines installed in 2012:
Simo (6pcs, 18MW, Tuuliwatti)
Vaasa (1pc, 3.6MW, WasaWind)
Huittinen (2pcs, 3.6MW, Lännen Lintu)
Hamina (4pcs, 8MW, Suomen Voima)
Kemi (1pcs, 2MW, Sumituuli)
Ii (8pcs, 24MW, Tuuliwatti)
Tervola (10pcs, 30MW, Tuuliwatti)

8.8.2012 - Turbine decommissioned: Korsnäs 2 (200kW) is out of service and removed from statistics starting 1.1.2012.

16.4.2012 - Financing of the statistics is changing and we're moving to a new type of reporting.




29.12.2010 - Turbines installed: Röyttä 1-8 (8 x Siemens SWT-3.6-120, 3600 kW)
Rajakiiri Oy has installed 8 turbines, with the total capacity of 28,8 MW, in the harbour area of Röyttä, Tornio. The date of turbine start is estimated to the turn of the year 2010/2011. Read more
26.8.2010 - Turbines installed: Summa 1-4 (4 x Winwind WWD3, 3000 kW)
Haminan Energia Oy has installed 4 turbines in Hamina. Three turbines are suited in Summa factory area and one in Paksuniemi. The total capacity of the four turbines is 12 MW. Read more
10.8.2010 - Turbine decommissioned: Ormhälla (Vestas V27, 225 kW)
The first turbine raised in Ahvenanmaa has now been decommissioned after 18 years of operation. Read more
1.8.2010 - Turbine decommissioned: Laitakari 1 (Nordtank, 500 kW)
Laitakari 1, owned by Iin Energia, was installed in January 1997 and decomissioned in August 2010.
30.7.2010 - Turbine installed: Pori Offshore 1 (Siemens SWT-2.3-101, 2300kW)
Suomen Hyötytuuli have a new offshore turbine in Tahkoluoto, Pori. Read more
26.7.2010 - Turbines decommissioned: Kemi 1-3 (3 x Nordtank, 300 kW)
Kemin Tuulivoimapuisto Oy activities have ended. The turbines Kemi 1-3 are decommissioned after 17 years of operation. Read more
30.6.2010 - Turbines installed: Raahe 6-9 (4 x Siemens SWT-2.3-101, 2300kW)
The extension of Raahe wind farm is now completed. Read more

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