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Technology and innovations



​​Technologies for business

When chosen with care, advanced technological solutions can truly enable a competitive advantage in business. This is our mission also for developing advanced and state-of-the-art technologies and innovations for the wind power industry.

Choosing the right technologies

We can help you develop and choose the potential solutions from advanced engineering to market foresight for demanding climatological conditions early on in the wind farm project development phase. We are able to provide assistance from my fields of science making VTT a truly competitive partner in R&D.


VTT offering

​Technologies for cold climates

Cold climates (low temperatures and icing condition) form the largest ”non-standard” market for wind power to date but reliable and affordable solutions to mitigate especially icing challenges are rare. VTT has over 25 years of Cold Climate experience from basic icing physics to large scale pilot projects and various icing solutions.

VTT key know-how in cold climates:

  • Pioneering Cold Climate research since 1980’s
  • Multiple large scale blade heating pilot projects for international customers
  • Unique research infrastructure: Icing Wind Tunnel, LIDAR, test site in North Finland
  • +20 scientific articles, +50 conference proceedings, several patents

    Icing wind tunnel brochure


Turbice - VTT in-house ice accretion simulation video 



​Ice detection systems

Reliable ice detection is crucial for assessing icing risks in pre-construction phase as well as for controlling turbines in operational phase. VTT has developed it’s own ice detection solutions based on advanced technologies: 1) LIDAR as ice detector and 2) Near infra red image analysis

Key features and benefits of VTT ice detection systems:

  • Patent for LIDAR as ice detector: very cost-efficient solution only requiring software upgrade use existing and new LIDAR technology as ice detector
  • Prototype camera for infrared image analyses: make the most reliable ice detector (webcam) even better

IEC -Standards development and IEA-activities

Standards and recommended practices are needed in order for any industry to focus efforts towards R&D and product reliability. VTT has actively worked in development of international standards via IEC and recommened practices via IEA Wind collaboration.

VTT experience:

  • Coordinated extensive cold climate additions to IEC 61400-1 ed4 ”Design requirements” standard for wind turbines
  • Coordinate cold climate additions to IEC 61400-15 ed1 ”Site energy yield assessment”
  • Operating Agent of IEA Wind Task 19 ”Wind Energy in Cold Climates” international expert group since 2002
  • Operating Agent of IEA Wind Task 25 ”Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power” since 2008


Link to IEA Wind Task 19 Website

​Link to EERA JP WIND website

Driv​etrain solutions

Wind turbines are one the largest torque delivering machines exisiting today requiring special skills from modelling to operation and maintenance. VTT has experience in drivetrain modelling, torque sensor development and tribology.

VTT key competences:

  • Advanced drivetrain modelling with multibody system tools
  • Development of new measurement sensors for large drivetrains
  • Materials, tribology and surface solutions to increase power density of next generation gearboxes



Technology and markets foresight

Especially Cold Climates represent large market shares in todays wind power markets but methods and tools to assess in detail market analytics are missing. By using VTT’s extensive experience in Cold Climates, we have developed unique capabilities for assessing technology and market foresight information.

VTT key competences:

  • First ever Cold Climate market study by BTM (2012) largely used VTT WiceAtlas know-how for the analyses
  • Updated cold climate market forecast for 2016-2020 published in WindPower Monthly magazine August 2016 edition


Technologies for Cold Climates

Ice detection systems

  • Karlsson T, Lehtomäki V, Paldanius J, Kleemola J, Validation of remote sensing methods for ice detection, WindEurope summit, Hamburg, 2016
  • Tiihonen M, Lehtomäki V, Suopajärvi P, Ice detection via advanced image analysis, WinterWind conference, Åre, 2016
  • Karlsson T, Lidar as ice detector, WinterWind conference, Piteå, 2015

IEC -Standards development and IEA-activities

Drivetrain solutions

Technology and markets foresight