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Operation and maintenance


VTT Services for the whole wind power calue chain


Production forecasting methodsVTT Wind turbines

Wind power must be forecasted in order to bid the wind power production to the power market or maintain the power system in balance. VTT provides wind power forecasts for all market participants on different time scales ranging from 1 hour ahead up to days ahead.

  • Contains uncertainty estimates of the future production
  • Possible to have forecasts with UI
  • UI validated at the Fingrid’s control room
  • Forecasts available from single sites up to a regional level



​Smart decision-making for wind turbine O&M

Effective service business needs decision support tools for guaranteeing, e.g., a certain level of availability and Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  VTT actively develops novel technologies and tools such as condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics, decision support, remote monitoring, and cloud computing for Big Data analytics to ensure more automated decision making.
VTT control room
Key features and benefits:

  • solutions for condition monitoring (new sensor technologies, data acquisition and signal analysis)
  • automatic diagnosis and prognosis and the management of maintenance information