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Construction and installation



Sea ice loads

Sea ice loads and ice-induced vibrations due to drifting ice field introduce major uncertainties in the structural design of offshore wind turbines. VTT offers advanced simulation analyses to understand and design new sea ice resistance offshore structures.

Key features and benefits

  • VTT has developed analysis tools
    • to determine statistically important local ice conditions at site (design basis)
    • to determine design ice loads on support structures
    • to optimize the structural performance of wind turbine support structures in ice-interaction
  • Performing conceptual studies by simulation tools are basis for cost-effective and reliable design of foundations and sub-structures


Off- and onshore foundation measurements and designsimpack_wind_turbine.png

Foundations of wind turbines are a critical component that has to survive the entire turbine lifetime in various conditions. VTT has experience both in on- and offshore structure measurements as well as design.

Key features and benefits

  • Long expertize in performing measurements in demanding locations and environments
  • Unique combination simulation and measurement expertize in-house



Sea ice loads

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​Case Peikko: Wind Turbine rock anchor foundation

Experimental data is often mandatory to verify the conformity of design methods for new structural solutions. Long-term monitoring of a real structure is often the most impressive way for that purpose. Peikko has developed a new type of rock anchor foundation for modern +3MW wind turbines and they needed monitoring of its structural behavior.

VTT unique solution
Combining different expertize in-house, VTT was able to deliver a complete measurement and data gathering solution that enabled the successful validation of the new foundation design. The design of monitoring and execution of instrumentation was done by VTT in co-operation with Ramboll Finland Oy and Peikko Group Corporation.