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​​Where public acceptance matters for radwaste disposal safety - VTT provides you with confidence based on scienceVTT is independent and trusted by the communities and the governments.

Our radwaste container performance review consists of:
  • Quantitative radionuclide transport modelling for performance assessment for radwaste disposal system
  • Container durability assessment in the disposal system​

Radwaste container performance data are modelling results for structural durability and radionuclide release rates to biosphere in the repository (near field, far field and groundwater flow). The result is reliable and traceable container performance data that can be used as input to disposal facility design and safety case.


Examples of service packages

Radwaste container performance review - Radionuclide Transport  and Groundwater Flow modelling

  • Analysis with near field modelling with groundwater flow chemistry and flow rates supplied by the customer
  • Analysis with different scenarios or groundwater chemistries, or handle 2-3 container material choices / geometries
  • Basic analysis with near field modelling and groundwater modelling to discover the chemistry and flow rates
  • Full analysis of near field, far field and groundwater flow for a single container​ 

​Radwaste container performance review -
Container Durability Assessment

  • Basic durability evaluation taking in account the specific environmental loadings, used structures and materials. This is based on documented design and measured/documented environmental conditions. In addition, literature values will be used when real values are not available. Significant aging processes will be identified and the severity will be assessed.
  • Based on durability evaluation and available models the service-life of the container will be evaluated. This will show if the container will be safe in use for the intended time. This will take in account the environmental loadings and actual design and materials of the container. Service-life calculations are based on standardised calculation methods. Selected deterioration models are scientifically reviewed and state-of-the-art in our field.


  • ​Comparison of data for different scenarios and design alternatives is also possible based on the customer's needs.

30 years of experience


VTT has a long history of assessing radwaste container safety with several experts working on the topic. By choosing us you get:

  • Credibility of results from a reputable expert organisation
  • VTT has 30 years of experience using commercial and in-house code and software to model radionuclide migration to a high level of detail.
  • VTT has over 30 years of experience on container durability in different environments. Service-life design of both concrete and metallic parts of container is our expertise. Durability and service-life models have been developed for this kind of applications.
  • Extensive network of collaboration - VTT will identify and cover any additional needs with reliable sources of expertise.
  • Quick and efficient delivery of results utilizing our ready modelling tools that are quickly adapted to the container
  • Continued support to the customer - VTT will preserve the models and data for purposes of future modelling when updates are needed by the customer.



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