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Nuclear waste management and disposal



Leverage advanced nuclear waste management expertise

How do you permanently dispose of nuclear wastes so that it does not harm future generations? VTT has been refining the answer to this very question for over 30 years. In that time we have played an active role in developing practical Finnish and Swedish waste management solutions for high level nuclear waste (Posiva and SKB), for other waste forms (TVO and Fortum), as well as solutions for regulatory authorities (TEM, STUK and SSM).

Our range of nuclear waste management expertise is extensive. It includes:

  • Geological site and hydrogeochemical characterisation
  • Development of encapsulation and disposal technologies, including fuel characterisation and robotics
  • Developing, assessing and constructing engineered barrier systems
  • Monitoring and modelling of material behaviour and safety
  • Operational and post-closure safety assessment, including risk assessment
  • Licensing documentation and reviews

Tremendous resources, multidisciplinary approach

Assuring the long-term safety of nuclear waste disposal is crucial. VTT applies broad, multidisciplinary expertise in creating solutions for material deposition methodology and the target repository environment that are in line with customer, societal and regulatory authority needs. Our team of approximately 100 nuclear experts works together with colleagues the world over to provide the highest quality solutions.

VTT's nuclear waste management capabilities are extensive. We have 10 000 m2 of modern laboratory facilities to assist in research and proof-of-concepts ranging from nanoscale studies through to full-scale structural mock-ups. We have experience with in-situ design, construction, instrumentation and monitoring, i.e. in Posiva's ONKALO facility. We have a variety of experimental techniques coupled with multi-scale modelling that can be utilised to address challenging topics.

Leading international research in nuclear waste management

 VTT plays an active role at a national scale. We have been involved in formulating Finland's national Nuclear Research Strategy for 2030. We have hundreds of scientific publications in the field and many of our scientists are renowned international experts. VTT has participated in numerous EU and international projects, including many FP7 Euratom projects, and we are active members of the European Technology Platform on Implementing Geological Disposal (IGD-TP) as well as OECD NEA committees on RWMC, IGSC and TDB.