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FinPSA Tool for Probabilistic Risk Assessment



​Probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) is a systematic and comprehensive methodology to assess the risks of complex systems.

FinPSA is a risk and reliability analysis tool intended for full scope PRA/PSA modeling. FinPSA is designed to support the main activities related to PRA/PSA by easy model creation, efficient and versatile analysis, good traceability, flexible reporting and information exchange capabilities. All these features make your work comfortable in living PRA, plant assessment and operational modifications.

FinPSA supports teamwork with models that can be accessed and edited simultaneously by several users. FinPSA works together with common Windows programmes for importing and exporting data base tables, fault trees, events trees, and almost every item in the model. Results are available in several formats for Windows clipboard. These features support the creation of models, analysis and reporting of risk information.

FinPSA uses multithreading to fully utilize multicore processors and ubiquity of network connections. When minimal cut set search for PRA projects is started, each core performs its own cut set search. Shared PRA projects can be solved by several multi-core computers in a network.

See more details about FinPSA from VTT's SimulationStore webpages.

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