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Nuclear safety analysis and licensing support


​​​Picture: ​TVO

VTT is the key provider of technical support to the Finnish nuclear authority. We provide services to our domestic nuclear industry and have more than two decades' experience in providing technical support and research services to foreign utilities, industries and regulatory bodies.

An active member of the European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON), VTT supports nuclear safety authorities in countries that are licensing and executing new nuclear builds. We also support suppliers and utilities in demonstrating conformance to regulatory requirements.

Performing a broad spectrum of nuclear analysis

VTT has the capacity to perform analysis across a broad spectrum of technical applications. We also possess the skills and facilities for experimental work. VTT customers enjoy the benefits of simplicity, with the multidisciplinary expertise they require all in one place.

Outside of our core area of expertise, VTT's active collaboration partners can provide engineering or testing services, as required.

Choose VTT for advanced nuclear analysis

Through our work, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of nuclear regulations in various countries including the United States, Sweden, France, UAE, Germany and Saudi Arabia. Our own domestic Finnish regulations also benefit customers in assessing various licensing solution strategies.

When it comes to choosing an organization for safety analysis and licensing support, it pays to select a partner with in-house research and testing facilities as well as decades of international experience.