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Elemental and isotopic analyses for research purposes


​Do you have challenging samples, which are difficult to dissolve or in which the concentrations are below the detection limit of your current analytical technique? We specialise in difficult sample matrices, tailor-made solutions and our limit of detection can be as low as ng/l. We operate in a newly built trace-level metal clean-room which enables us to carry out very low analysis of impurities.

In addition to the tailor-made solutions we offer:

  • Quantitative multielemental analyses (reference the periodic table below)
  • Qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of unknown samples
  • Isotopic analyses (for example 6Li/7Li, 10B/11B, 229Th/232Th, 235U/238U)
  • Sample preparation in a clean-room ISO5/6 at need
  • Radiochemical analyses
  • Gamma spectrometric analyses

Common sample types:

  • Liquids: impurities in clean water and different aqueous samples
  • Solids: metals and metal alloys, sediments, minerals, biological samples and filters


Our most important tools are high resolution ICP-SF-MS and SVDV ICP-OES. ICP-SF-MS is an ideal analytical tool for difficult elements, low concentrations and for isotopic analysis and SVDV ICP-OES enables fast multielemental ppm/ppb level analysis in aqueous and organic solutions. Solid samples are dissolved using a microwave digestion unit, which enables complete dissolution of even difficult matrices due to its high temperature and pressure range. In addition to elemental analysis techniques, radiochemical analyses are supported by alpha spectrometry and liquid scintillation counting. Further information on the analytical techniques can be found in the links above.

The quality of the analyses are validated by using internal standards, quality control samples and reference materials. Additionally, we regularly participate in intercomparison exercises.

Our way of working enables us to develop client-driven analytical methods, so feel free to contact us and we can find out together how we could help you with your analytical challenges.


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​Our devices and facilities

Single reaction chamber microwave acid digestion unit
  • Milestone Ultrawave Single reaction chamber (SRC) system with enhanced Chemical Resistance (ECR) kit

Clean room laboratories for trace level analyses

  • Normal Sample preparation (ISO 8)
  • ICP-MS analyses (ISO 7)
  • Sample preparation for clean samples (laminar hood (ISO 5) under ISO6 laboratory conditions)

High resolution sector field ICP-MS (ICP-SF-MS)

  • Thermo Scientific ELEMENT 2™ ICP-MS with ESI Autosampler
  • Quartz double pass spray chamber OR Teflon™ PFA spray chamber with Peltier cooling unit
  • Sensitivity enhancing APEX IR (Isotope Ratio) desolvation system also available for sample introduction
  •  Ni, Al and Pt sampler cones
  •  Quartz or Platinum injector


Synchronous vertical dual view ICP-OES

  • Agilent 5100 Synchronous Vertical Dual View (SVDV)  ICP-OES with autosampler
  • Multimode Sample Introduction system enabling hydride formation for (Hg and Se) analyses.
  • HF Resistant Sample Introduction kit
  • Semi Volatile Sample Introduction kit

Radiochemistry labs

  • A-, B-, and C-type radiochemistry labs

Liquid Scintillation counter

  • Hidex 300 SL liquid scintillation counter with a TDCR technology, a Guard and Eu-152 external standard for beta measurements and 2D alpha/beta plots 


Gamma spectrometer

  • Canberra ISOCS gamma spectrometer with an HPGe BEGe detector (5 keV-2700 keV), Inspector 2000, Genie 2000 and efficiency calibrations with Geometry Composer 

Alpha spectrometer

  • Ortec Alpha-Ensemble-4 alpha spectrometer, 4 input benchtop spectrometer 

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