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Advanced nuclear technologies



VTT is committed to the development of next generation nuclear technologies through advanced computer modelling and software.

Nuclear authorities use our models for next generation reactor safety modeling and the characterisation of steel-based materials.

Safety modelling & steel-based characterisation

VTT models and software are used in the analysis of next generation nuclear reactor safety factors. These include reactor core neutronics, burn-up, criticality safety and isotope composition. Our software can also be used for transient and accident analysis of next-generation nuclear power plant concepts.

Another area in which VTT specialises is in characterising the properties of steel-based materials in demanding environments, including those found in fourth-generation reactors. Our experimental facilities enable the effective study of conditions that limit service life including oxidation, stress corrosion, high temperature creep and fatigue, and supercritical water.

Choose VTT for nuclear safety modelling & testing

VTT has several decades' experience in nuclear modelling, characterisation and testing. Our nuclear-focused team of 200 scientists come from a range of disciplines, pooling their knowledge for superior results. Engage VTT today for your nuclear program.