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Recovering rare earth metals from waste sulphates


  • Rare earth metals (REE) have recently encountered increasing demand for their uses in many electronics and Cleantech applications. Apatite minerals, industrially utilized for manufacturing phosphate fertilizers represent a potential secondary source of RE, as even 80 % of the RE will end up in the phosphogypsum side product.   
  • A cost-effective and environmentally friendly technical solution for recovering valuable rare earth metals e.g. from the phosphogypsum waste or other dilute sources. The method can also be used for recycling of waste gypsum back to calcium carbonate and sulphuric acid.
  BENEFITSRecovering rare earth metals from waste sulphates
  • A low energy solution for efficient extraction of such valuable metals.
  • Makinen, J., Bomberg, M., Salo, M., Arnold,M., Koukkari P. 2017. Rare Earth Elements recovery and sulphate removal from phosphogypsum waste waters with Sulphate Reducing Bacteria. International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium 2017

TRL 3. Analytical and experimental critical function of concept.