Diacid production


  • Chemical synthesis of diacids from fatty acids is challenging. The longer chain diacids, e.g. azelaic acid (C9 diacid), can be used e.g. in production of biobased polymers.
  • Diacids can be produced biotechnologically from fatty acids with yeast having omega-oxidation. VTT has generated yeast strain which is not capable of degrading medium chain fatty acids, or the corresponding diacids (C9- C12). Instead diacids accumulate.
  • In this invention degradation of specific chain length fatty acids and diacids is blocked enabling production of diacids useful e.g. in production of bioplastics. Metabolic engineering of lipid pathways and oleaginous yeasts is one of VTT’s key competences.

TRL 4. Technology validated in laboratory environment.

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