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One-step immunoassay for small analytes


VTT has developed a novel immunoassay format for the fast diagnostics of small analytes. VTT holds a patent for a one-step immunoassay based on novel recombinant antibodies principle for small analytes such as hormones, pharmaceuticals, toxins and metabolites (FI20022048). This fast, one-step immunocomplex assay increases the specificity and accuracy of detection of small analytes by reducing the interfering sample matrix effects. The one-step immunoassay principle can be exploited in bioanalytical assay formats such as ELISA and lateral flow and in miniaturized lab-on-chip solutions in clinical, food safety and environmental applications. Just add your sample and measure within a few minutes.

VTT offers licensing of its IPR and development of the recombinant immunocomplex antibodies and assays according to customers' needs.