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Designed recombinant antibodies


Designed recombinant antibodies

We facilitate your antibody development by utilising our well-established recombinant antibody technology with diverse antibody repertoires for your immunodiagnostics in life science applications.

VTT has a unique and comprehensive collection of up-to-date technologies for antibody development. This includes phage display technology, cost-efficient microbial host production and downstream processing, as well as excellent facilities for the characterisation of binding properties and assay development.

With the antibody phage display technology, high quality, versatile antibodies can be developed within a reasonable time span. The challenges of toxic, conserved and self-antigens can be overcome by utilising VTT's existing antibody libraries. New libraries and antibodies can be generated from immune, non-immune or patient-derived sources according to your needs. We can tailor your existing monoclonal or recombinant antibodies by modifying their affinity, specificity, labelling efficiency and/or stability as well as by constructing antibody fusion proteins which can be applied for instance to detection purposes and oriented immobilisation.

You can exploit the customised recombinant antibodies in traditional immunoassays (ELISA and lateral flow test) but also in novel homogeneous, multiplexed or miniaturized immunoassays for human and veterinary health, food safety and environmental immunodiagnostics, or for sample preparation from the most common clinical and food related matrices. We are always ready to cooperate with you to innovate novel assay principles for your specific needs as well.