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Microfluidic platforms


The use of microfluidics enables cost-efficient and rapid analysis outside the laboratory.

VTT develops microfluidic platforms for different customer needs from silicon, glass, polymers and paper, and their combinations. Our platforms can be applied for different biochemical and chemical assays and sample preparation. The mass production technologies at our disposal facilitate even high-volume production of microfluidic platforms.

As part of an EU project we have developed, among other things, a microfluidic sampling method, enabling taking of analysis samples from a tissue section for rapid verification of the spread of cancer.

From fluidics design to functional analysis solutions

Our competence comprises modelling and simulation of fluidics, optical and electronic detection, design and production of microfluidic platforms, and integration of platforms as part of a measuring device or system.

We have developed methods for biomolecule integration into various platforms, and also engage in assay development. In recent years, we have been focusing on the development of tests based on immunoassay for medical and environmental applications, and analysis solutions based on chemical separation.

Versatile research environments and competence support development serving customer interests

In the design and development of microfluidic platforms and systems we use Comsol Multiphysics modeling and simulation environment, printing environment and equipment, and MEMS and fine-mechanical production techniques. 

Through our projects, we collaborate with various Finnish and foreign universities, research institutes, and companies. Our key partners include Printocent and the international research network NAMIS.

Even though our core customer base consists of companies specialising in in vitro diagnostics (IVD), biochemistry and chemistry, microfluidics can also be used for health and well-being applications and food and environmental analysis.


Printed intelligence pilot manufacturing

VTT offers a unique roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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