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Diagnostic platforms


​Technologies for better diagnostics

VTT offers a broad array of contract R&D services for developing molecular diagnostic applications. Our development activities focus on novel reagents and assays, sensor technologies and computational tools and data mining.  We develop diagnostics for business as well as consumer diagnostics in the health and wellness sector.

We offer unique pilot production facilities for small-scale production, process development and the scaling-up of components required in diagnostic applications.  The unique facility enables our customers to explore radically new manufacturing approaches and to reduce the commercial and technical risks before starting fully commercial operations. 

Analytical devices and sensor technologies 

The need for sensitive molecular measurement is becoming increasingly important in many sectors including healthcare, industrial processes, environmental detection, and food safety. VTT develops analytical devices and sensors that do just that. We not only develop, pilot and test technologies, but we can mass-produce many of them in our roll-to-roll pilot processing facilities and micro- and nanotechnology clean room laboratory.

Optical microspectro-meters»

VTT's tuneable FPI filter technology enables miniaturisation of spectrometers into small, hand-held sensors. Our technology is robust and mass-producible, and eliminates the need for expensive linear array detectors.

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Data analytics and decision support 

Modern medicine has made tremendous amounts of human data available. However the data we have remains severely under-exploited in characterising diseases. As the human body is an extremely complex system, patient status can rarely be characterised and understood by a single measure. A holistic view is needed for reliable clinical decision-making. VTT is a globally recognised expert in the field of human data mining. Our mission is to transform heterogeneous, complex health data into information that helps healthcare professionals to make better decisions.

​​​Biosignal analysi​s»

We provide solutions by extracting essential information from physiological data measured at home, in hospitals, or on the move.

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​​​Decision support»

We assist healthcare professionals in complex decision making by combining heterogeneous patient data in practically usable tools.

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​​​Quantification of medical images»

We provide solutions for quantifying medical images accurately and robustly in feasible computation time.

​ ​​​Microfluidics

 Fast and multiplexed assays

We can help you save time and cost with more efficient assays. Vast amounts of data can be collected quickly from each sample through multiplexing; measuring many molecules at the same time from the same sample. Combine multiplexing with miniaturised assay platforms, and you have a new generation of assay: economical, fast, and streamlined.

​​​Microfluidic platforms»

We develop microfluidic platforms for different customer needs from silicon, glass, polymers and paper, and their combinations.

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​​​Multiplexed bioassay platforms»

The array-based system enables simultaneous measurement of several analytes in parallel, bringing savings in both working time and reagent costs.

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Specific and sensitive assays

We develop sensitive and specific reagents and assay formats for biomolecular detection. We can help you to streamline your current assay system or develop completely new assays that can be performed quickly and cost efficiently with good specificity and/or sensitivity.

​​​Designed recombinant antibodies»

We have a unique and comprehensive collection of up-to-date technologies for antibody development. We facilitate your antibody development by utilising our well-established recombinant antibody technology with diverse antibody repertoires for your immunodiagnostics in life science applications.

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One-step immunoassay for small analytes»

We have developed a novel immunoassay format for the fast diagnostics of small analytes.VTT holds a patent for a one-step immunoassay based on novel recombinant antibodies principle for small analytes (FI20022048).

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 Manufacturing facilities

You have VTT's state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure, pilot plants and top professionals at your service. Along with modern laboratories and top-level characterisation tools, our R&D infrastructure includes a unique selection of pilot plants serving the major steps of the development chain – all seamlessly integrated with the skilled professionals at VTT and our cooperation network. 

Cleanroom facility for microelectronics»

VTT is the provider of a world-class cleanroom facility. The 2 600 m² Micronova R&D cleanroom is fully equipped for the fabrication of silicon, glass and thin film-based microsystems.

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Printed intelligence pilot manufacturing»

VTT offers a unique roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing environment and R&D services for the development of printed intelligence products and processes.

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​Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:


Your partner in molecular diagnostics

We have over 70 years' experience supporting our clients' growth with top-level research and science-based results. From Start-ups and SMEs to established companies and government agencies companies worldwide co-operate with VTT. In addition to cutting edge technological know-how, we are flexible on the terms of intellectual property developed in commissioned research and development projects. We can work with you in all stages of your R&D and innovation cycle.


​​Do you need support for your company's R&D process?

Contact our Key Account Manager Ralph Liedert

​Paper based assay device

Customer: Kimberly-Clark

Challenge: To develop a paper based assay device for health monitoring.

Solution: VTT provided a prototype of printed paper based assay device relying on analyte recognition through enzymatic reactions.

Key benefits: Simultaneous detection of two health indicating metabolites with solid state device  providing ease of use and storage.