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Biosignal analysis


Robust algorithms for biosignal analysis in real-life environment

We provide solutions by extracting information from physical data measured at home, in hospitals, or on the move.

Technological advances have made possible the acquisition, processing, and storage of huge amounts of biological and medical data – inside hospitals, at home, or on the move. For example, a large number of different signals are acquired during surgery or critical care in hospitals. Modern hospitals produce dozens of terabytes of image data every year. Wearable biomedical sensors and systems provide health- and wellness-related data. Interpretation of this data requires a deep understanding of measurement technologies, physiology and human behaviour, and healthcare settings in addition to signal processing and interpretation methods.

Real-life environments place strong requirements on algorithms, for example with respect to robustness, fail-safety, real-time output, and patient safety. At the same time, there are challenges for signal processing that are unique to the domain of physiological data analysis: intra- and inter-individual differences, atypical data e.g. when dealing with patients in a hospital, or people working under high stress, lack of gold standards to verify outcome.

At VTT we have more than 20 years’ experience in developing algorithms for real-life physiological data analysis. Our key partners include global main players in the field of patient monitoring, home care, and daily living monitoring. We have long-term trusted relationships with international hospitals and other healthcare providers as well as top-level academic institutions.. Apart from direct customer work, we also work in EU projects in this area. Recent examples include TBIcare, DiPAR and Heartcycle.