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Stress measurement algorithms


Stress measurement

Wearable sensing and data analysis for mental stress and relaxation monitoring

We carry out active R&D work on wearable monitoring and data analysis for mental stress and relaxation monitoring.

We design and carry out studies on mental stress and relaxation monitoring, and develop tools and methods for data analysis, as well as sensors for monitoring. The data analysis includes pre-processing and analysis of single-sensor signals, as well as computation of combined indices using data from several sensors. The tools include, for instance, mobile data acquisition applications, questionnaires, data annotation tools, and tools for data visualisation.

We have conducted studies on both short-term stress, laboratory studies, and long-term stress on free-living stress over several months. Examples of signals we have used include: electrocardiography (ECG), heart-rate variability (HRV), breathing rate, sleep quality, blood pressure, physical activity, electro-encephalography (EEG), key stroke profiling on computers and mobile devices, and questionnaires for personal perception. In addition to direct physiological sensing, the context and the environment are also relevant in monitoring of stress and relaxation.

Companies that we have collaborated with include, e.g. Firstbeat Technologies and our publications are among the top publications in the world.

Where can we apply the solutions for stress and relaxation monitoring?

The tools and analysis methods can be applied to many application areas. In the past, they have been used for occupational health programmes, rehabilitation, stress management programmes.

Objective measurement of mental workload and relaxation is an active research topic currently. It is being studied, for instance in the European Emphatic Products project and as part of the European iCareNet network We have also developed a sensor that is suitable for stress and relaxation monitoring.

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