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Tools for supporting cardiac rehabilitation


We help our customers to design and implement ICT tools for cardiac rehabilitation

With VTT’s solutions, we can support cardiac rehabilitation by offering software and algorithms for guiding a cardiac patient in their rehabilitation after a cardiac event. We have also specified a personal health record (PHR) for cardiac disease management.

We have developed a toolbox of algorithms and software that utilizes wearable sensing of acceleration, heart rate and respiration and a software for guiding the cardiac patient for instance during his/her physical exercise. For preventive and motivational purposes, we have developed a model that predicts the effect of physical exercise on blood pressure based on individual patient characteristics and characteristics of the exercise programme.

Where can we apply the tools and data analysis methods?

The tools and analysis methods can be applied in the development of new products and services for cardiac patients, when designing preventive programs, rehabilitation programmes or care processes in general for cardiac care. In the past, they have been used for preventive and rehabilitation programs for CAD (coronary artery disease) and HF (heart failure) patients.

The methods have been developed in many projects, including the European HeartCycle and the national Kurkiaura projects.


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