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Tool for estimating holistic wellbeing


Your health at a glance – analysis and visualisations of personal health and wellbeing

We empower consumers and professionals to make sense of personal health data through analysis and visualisation.

VTT’s expertise in self-measurement solutions for health and wellbeing has culminated in tools that provide comprehensive insight into a person’s holistic health status, including physical, mental and social aspects. Various visualisation solutions provide clear indicators ranging from a one-number dial to a tree view showing the various contributing factors and their relevance.

There is an increasing trend of emerging services and applications that help people to measure and keep track of their own health, be it in sports, everyday life, or work. These services provide information, often related to just a one or a few health factors, which is on its own not sufficient to provide the user with a good understanding of their current health status. VTT’s understanding of physiological measurements and their limitations, the capability of merging and analysing sensor data, and combining measurements with demographic information and results from questionnaires provides the basis for developing comprehensive tools such as the Wellness Index.

Feedback on a person’s health status can be used by the individual, as input for behavioural change and life coaching services, or as a means to communicate their health status with peers or professional care providers. Following progress over time produces trends with valuable information on the development of one’s health, on the impact of interventions, and for establishing a baseline for care. Furthermore, analysis of large amounts of user data allows for positioning the person’s health status in the user space, as well as for providing professionals with decision support tools.

The related expertise has been developed in national (P4Well, SalWe, DHR) and international (Nuadu) projects. VTT can help you to tailor your application or service so as to include a comprehensive wellness index based on data from your users. It will provide your users and other stakeholders with an unequalled clear vision of their health status.