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Components and software for mobile devices


Greater performance and functionality for mobile devices

The market growth for mobile devices is driven by WOWs. Consumers base their choice of mobile device on new features such as those that sensors provide. This fact ensures that innovation continues at a breathtaking rate. Success increasingly involves reliance on external partners as a source for new Intellectual property and solutions. We develop components and software for mobile devices which increases the performance of your devices. We can offer a competitive edge by combining our core technologies with applications area expertise.  

Integrate novel components, sensors and software into your next killer prototype

Novel sensor solutions, especially those made with MEMS technology, turn mobiles devices into versatile measurement devices.  Measurement applications can monitor and support the user's health and wellness and deliver valuable information about the user's environment.

Examples of new VTT sensor innovations for mobile devices include MEMS sensors for CO2 and VOCs, novel imaging sensors for NIR and MIR wavelengths such as miniaturized hyperspectral imagers.

​Our solutions for mobile devices:

RF components for 5G technology

The radio-frequency front-ends of new mobile devices must support several radio interfaces. This imposes demanding requirements upon front-end design. Our novel RF components, for example those based on bulk-acoustic-wave filters or integrated passives, enable highly integrated multiband RF front-ends and antenna solutions.

​​​Antennas and RF technologies »

We develop antennas, antenna arrays, components, circuits, modules and sub-systems to radio frequency communication and sensing applications. We collaborate with our customers from early phase concept research and development to final product optimizations.

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​​​Micro-and millimetre wave modules »

We offer on-wafer and antenna characterisation services through MilliLab, an ESA External Laboratory on Millimetre Wave Technology. MilliLab supplies services at millimetre wave and THz frequencies for industry and academia.   

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 Hybrid technologies for non-planar surfaces

We are conducting active research and offering R&D services in the field of printed electronics and hybrid manufacturing of integrated smart systems. We focus on combining manufacturing technologies such as roll-to-roll-printed functionalities, injection moulding and traditional component assembly.

​​​3D hybrid integration of electronics »

We are developing a hybrid in-mould integration technology that enables seamless integration of novel optical, electrical, and mechanical features into 3D plastic products. With our approach, industrial product designers gain more design freedom.

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 Indoor navigation

Indoor positioning can accurately be measured with various short-range radios. Device altitude can be determined with highly accurate MEMS pressure sensors and MEMS ultrasonic transducers yield proximity and location. 

​​​MEMS sensors »

VTT is known for its innovative, state-of-the-art MEMS devices. We design, model, simulate, fabricate and characterise silicon-based components and readout electronics, with a focus on surface and SOI MEMS technologies.

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 Software testing and information security

It is crucial that the components and software for mobile devices have been designed with information security in mind. Information security has long been an important theme at VTT. We have implemented software and infrastructure for authentication, authorisation and cryptography in networked systems, embedded systems and security solutions designed for the Internet of Things (IoT).

​​Software test automation »

At VTT, we help our customers utilise advanced software testing and test automation solutions to streamline their development processes. We work together to identify the bottlenecks in existing testing practices, and to apply the solutions and improvements best suited to the customers' technology and domain context.

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​​​Security solutions for embedded systems »

We can support companies in developing trustworthy platforms and ensuring the implementation of a sufficient security level at an early phase in the development process. We have extensive knowledge of security solutions based on standards and the use of certificates and keys, encryption and watermarking.

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​​​Security testing and analyses »

We are committed to improving the capacity of our customers to respond to the rising level of cyber threats. We have a Cyber War Room, where cyber security testing can be performed in a controlled environment, reliably and confidentially.

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Your mobile device innovation partner

Our goal is to help you develop superior mobile device solutions. We can plan and execute research and development projects in close collaboration with you, share our extensive background IP under flexible licensing terms and, if required, we will support the transfer of our technology to your favourite fabrication facility. We also offer small and medium scale MEMS production services.

For breathtaking innovation, make VTT part of your development team. You will find that our expertise and extensive intellectual property addresses some of the key challenges involved in architecting the next new generation of mobile devices.


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