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Software test automation


Delivering high quality software products on-time and on-budget

At VTT, we help our customers utilise advanced software testing and test automation solutions to streamline their development processes. We work together to identify the bottlenecks in existing testing practices, and to apply the solutions and improvements best suited to the customers' technology and domain context.

We have extensive knowledge of software testing practices and techniques, enabling us to help our customers in their software testing activities. This includes:

  • Providing testing expertise for test management, planning, and execution
  • Test process planning, analysis, and improvement
  • Design and development of test automation solutions.


We have achieved successful implementation of customised test automation solutions for various business domains, such as transport and telecommunication. For telecom systems we have carried out test modelling and generation to validate specifications, share information, facilitate test creation, increase test coverage, and make more efficient use of test resources. The implemented solutions have been applied in agile development and continuous integration processes – enabling our customers to deliver high quality products against demanding release schedules.

Advanced test automation research

In addition to direct customer-funded projects, we have a long-term commitment to public research. We participate actively in international and national public research projects developing future test automation solutions – enabling us to provide our customer with out-of-the-box solutions and innovations.

Examples of public research projects include ITEA2-ATAC, focusing on advanced model-based test automation for complex and configurable systems, and Tekes-COIN, aimed at intelligent monitoring and testing solutions for future 4G/5G access technologies.