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The smallest in its class Bluetooth Low Energy module


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Nordic Components Ltd. have developed a miniature Bluetooth Low Energy radio module targeted at health and wellness applications.

The module measures 7.5 mm x 13.5 mm x 4 mm, and with its integrated antenna has been optimized for on-body applications, as well as to operate in the proximity of metallic or other materials. Even with the small form factor, the module doesn’t require an external larger RF ground plane or ground plane opening areas in the mounting platform. These improvements allow flexible use of the module in a wide variety of use cases with extended battery life time and reading distance, compared to competing solutions.

The module contains integrated antenna, Bluetooth Low Energy radio, related passives and ball grid array (BGA) interconnections for module assembly. Frequency selectivity of the Bluetooth radio has been improved with thin film Integrated Passive Device (IPD) technology based filtering and an antenna matching circuit, which filters out unwanted radio signals and matches the antenna to the correct frequency. The IPD component was manufactured with VTT’s in-house IPD technology. 

The Bluetooth Low Energy antenna module development has been supported by the European Union through the BLIM4SME project.

Contact persons:

Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä

Nordic Components Ltd.
Petri Järvinen
+358 407318083