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Plug and play configuration


System enabling plug and play configuration of functionalities

Creating sensor-driven smart space applications is a difficult challenge, but we can make it easier. We provide software architecture design services for customers in need of future-proof smart-space applications.

VTT's strong background in smart object research has led to the creation of modular gateway software for exposing physical objects to the Internet. This platform is based on the proven architectural style of the Web, scaled down for use in local environments. Such an approach enables us to create future-proof and elegant application programming interfaces. Dynamic use cases with frequent disconnections of devices are no problem for our approach.

It's not about creating new protocols; it's about using the existing ones intelligently.

We have specifically attempted to avoid the "Yet Another Protocol" road. Instead, using de facto protocols (HTTP, MQTT, CoAP) and tools gives us access to a large developer community for speeding up application development. Features of our platform include ubiquitous user interfaces, publish-subscribe data access and historical sensor data queries – for all types of sensors, from any vendors.

The platform is highly customisable for a wide range of use cases, such as home automation, industrial monitoring and wearable computing. Development of the approach has taken place in various nationally funded projects, as well as in EU FP7 project iCore.