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Security solutions for embedded systems



We help customers to build secure embedded systems

We have a long experience in specialised design and implementation of secured and trusted environments for various embedded devices such as smart phones, routers, environmental sensors and smart grid components.

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the computing landscape...

Large number of interconnected sensors, actuators, and other IoT devices will soon outnumber all other computing devices. IoT devices are typically embedded systems having many resource and functionality constraints when compared to general purpose computers. In addition to industrial use, these devices will also be used in, for instance, home automation, environmental monitoring, city surveillance and critical infrastructure.

...and creating security challenges

As many of the IoT devices can be remotely managed, this also creates room for vulnerabilities. Also, the lack of common interoperability standards adds complexity as gateways and other intermediaries are needed. Specifically, VTT can assist in, for example:

  • Managing device's identities, permissions, and trustworthiness
  • Developing secured and trusted environments  for ubiquitous and embedded systems
  • Software and infrastructure for authentication, authorization and privacy utilising cryptography, PKI, and protocols
  • Mobile security and trusted software platforms and architectures e.g. for Android platforms.


We work in publicly funded projects in the EU and nationally, as well as in customer-funded projects. Examples include national IoT SHOK programme where VTT has developed security solutions for IoT. In the EU-funded District of Future project VTT develops cloud-based platform for cities to securely collect and share information from embedded energy consumption and production systems.