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Smart lighting



​Enhancing lighting with new functionalities and low cost connectivity

We help our customers to integrate lighting and ICT technologies for new, cost-effective functionality and thus help lighting industry clients make the leap to connected lighting.  

Lighting as a backbone of Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) enables to integrate low cost sensors and wireless connectivity to practically all things. When it comes to lighting, we can now integrate sensors to lamps and luminaires, connect them to internet and provide new kinds of services. Lighting will become a backbone of Internet-of-Things.

Connected lighting will change our experience of light in the future. Lighting will adapt to our needs, lamps and luminaires will have new functionalities based on ICT technologies and with the aid of printed  electronics, luminaires can be integrated practically to everywhere. The transformation of lighting industry  to Internet-of-Things (IoT) era requires multidisciplinary skills and visionary approach. For this, VTT offers R&D and consultancy services for companies in order to gain competitive edge on the fast developing market.

VTT combines deep domain knowledge in business areas as diverse as security, facility management and wellness to further refine our core technologies with applications area expertise. We bring our 30-year experience on wireless networks, our deep expertise and manufacturing capability of sensors and help to integrate these to the lighting.


Our solutions for:

Sensor integration for lighting

Current lighting systems make it possible to integrate wireless communication devices and sensors with lamps. These low-cost sensors can be used for environmental monitoring, for instance of temperature, gases and humidity. As they can be practically ubiquitous, low-cost sensors could be used to monitor many different situations and spaces.  At VTT, we can design lighting concepts with sensors and connectivity integrated into products. With our help and expertise, you can also design concepts for the low-cost production of sensors.

​​MEMS sensors »

Smart devices are created by combining sensor data with intelligent software. We can provide full-scale system solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

​​​Zero Power wireless sensors »

Wireless sensor networks are a key element in implementing the Internet of Things in several application fields such as smart lighting, building automation, and energy management.

​ ​​​

Wireless connectivity in smart lighting 

Integrating wireless connectivity in lighting products could open up new possibilities to control and use lamps. This could add a whole new comfort level to the home, when lights could be remotely controlled with a mobile phone. Wireless connectivity in lamps could also be used to read sensor data, use cloud services and other small applications. We have solutions that help our clients to integrate wireless connectivity into their lighting products. 

Network Quality of Service »  

Our technology for measuring and enhancing quality of communication networks and services improves company operations by ensuring that mission-critical networked services are reliable and of optimal quality.

​ ​​​

Antennas and RF technologies »

We develop antennas, antenna arrays, components, circuits, modules and sub-systems to radio frequency communication and sensing applications. We collaborate with our customers from early phase concept research and development to final product optimizations.

​ ​​​

 Context awareness

Context awareness technology can be integrated into lighting infrastructure for activity detection and other uses. This functionality can be used as a component in security or surveillance applications in homes or office spaces, or for example in answering questions about the number and activities of people within the range of the lighting system. We have technological solutions that help in implementing context awareness and data analytics in applications.

Depth sensor based people behaviour analysis »

We have developed technology for an advanced tracking system based on networked 3D depth sensors that provide accurate information on how people move about and behave in various spaces.

​ ​​​

​​​Security solutions for embedded systems »

We have a long experience in specialised design and implementation of secured and trusted environments for various embedded devices such as smart phones, routers, environmental sensors and smart grid components.

​ ​​​

​​​Data analytics and data science »

We provide turn-key data analytics solutions to our customers. We can combine state-of-the-art data analytics methods and tools with our excellent application area knowledge.


Discover what collaboration with VTT can achieve:

Why VTT?

Smart lighting requires a combination of know-how on wireless technologies, measurement systems and practical lighting knowledge, all areas where VTT has a strong track record. Smart lighting is now creating new challenges of connectivity, functionality and integration. We offer a range of services combining ICT into high volume lighting products to overcome these challenges.


​​Do you need support for your company's R&D process?

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