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Cyber security for industrial control systems


VTT Cuber security Server room

Total solutions

Since 2006, VTT has had a very strong background in developing cyber security solutions for various critical industries. One of our biggest customers and partners is the National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA), which has together with VTT persistently promoted and advanced the cyber security protection of national critical infrastructures in many ways over recent years. The objective of NESA is to ensure the continuity of production and infrastructure vital to society under all circumstances, in which task VTT's special mission is in developing the required cyber security models and solutions.

VTT establishes and leads the relevant cyber security development projects, workshops, and sometimes establishes co-operation between the necessary expert networks for the purpose of solving the most challenging industrial cases. This results in substantially improved cyber security protection of critical industrial production and continuity of critical infrastructures and related services operated by various industries and service providers.

Focused services

VTT is also developing and testing special cyber security services that ensure the cyber security and continuity of critical industrial production. Our special services for industries utilizing native industrial control systems (ICS) include:

  • Cyber security mapping of production facilities with improvements
  • Deployment and tailoring of cyber security methods and tools to industrial production systems
  • Cyber security testing and monitoring services for automation networks

Our references

Fazer, Metso Automation, Neste Oil, Nixu, Nordic LAN & WAN Communication, nSense, Outotec, Prosys, Valio, and Wärtsilä.

Our partners

Include Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority - The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

 "With their exceptional collaboration among authorities, businesses, and industry ,VTT, an extensively well-networked applied research organization, is ideal to enhance national preparedness, cyber security and continuation of networked society" explains Tero Kauppinen, the Business Continuity Manager of National Emergency Supply Agency.