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Wireless mesh networks


We help our customers to design and develop innovative methods for utilising wireless mesh networks

VTT's research results enable reliable, high-capacity, low-latency communication utilising heterogeneous wireless technologies.

Our research focus areas include 5G architectures, and solutions for last-mile backhaul and access networks. These solutions are based on novel concepts such as software-defined networking, network virtualisation, and self-organisation and learning algorithms.

Meeting challenges in wireless mesh communication

Our expertise in wireless mesh networks is applied to areas such as mobile networks and industrial and automation networks, as well as smart grid M2M communication and long-range wireless communication in sparsely populated areas. Each area has its own characteristics, requirements, and challenges. We are working in close cooperation with our customers and partners in order to find the best practices and to deliver results that make an impact on business.

Wireless networking faces various challenges, with growing demands for bandwidth and quality of service while operating in a highly occupied radio spectrum, or while encountering link degradation caused by events such as rainfall or other radio signal blockages. Dealing with these challenges requires automated and flexible traffic management including resiliency schemes, congestion control, and QoS-aware load balancing. We work to find the best technical and feasible solutions, whether these are methods utilising traditional, well-proven technologies applied in novel ways, or methods built around emerging technologies when the traditional solutions are insufficient.

We work in customer-funded projects, as well as in publicly funded projects within the EU and nationally. Examples include wireless mesh development with Nokia, as well as for Port of Singapore Authority (PSA), and in the Celtic+ SIGMONA and CIER projects.