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Smart grid telecommunication emulation


Emulation of data communications over smart grids

We offer a versatile service portfolio for developing electrical grid simulators, designing information networks, and developing and testing overall systems.

VTT experts have implemented a reliable data communications system that allows the successful development and testing of new smart grid equipment, software and services.

The system comprises two main components, the first of which offers reliable and secure distributed data transfer between several points. The second enables the adjustment of the parameters of data communications interfaces between the connected communications points. These components allow, for instance, the establishment of a virtual laboratory between several different organizations or sites. 

The implementation and testing of complex electrical grid systems can thus be managed in a distributed environment – and systems integration does not need to be performed in a single location. This also enables the combination of field and laboratory environments. Furthermore, the emulation environment can also be used in the development of other industrial automation systems.

Successful international cooperation: The emulation environment was published 2014

The data communications emulation environment has been developed through international cooperation and tested in projects, where several simulator-based implementations have been interconnected in a distributed environment.

In these projects, Apros simulation environment has provided a powerful simulation tool for complex processes. Apros supports the OPC interface, OLE for Process Control, that is currently the de facto standard in new industrial automation systems.

The emulation environment was published in 2014 under an open source software license. The services related to the use of the tool will be customised to best suit our clients and users.

The European Virtual Smart Grid Laboratory, a key project of the European Innovation and Technology Institute (EIT) is one example of the implementation of the emulation.