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Network optimisation and management



Guaranteed network quality with less cost

We offer a portfolio of services that help to manage increasing network complexity and to improve Quality of Service and experience. In addition, we offer information security solutions. Our solutions for network optimisation and management are applicable in cellular networks as well as in special critical infrastructure networks and those for specialised industries.

Meeting the needs of evolving Internet networks and services

The diversity of transport techniques used today makes it difficult to guarantee quality of service (QoS), especially when carrying services over heterogeneous networks. Another issue that we tackle is the special communications networks needed to handle industry digitalisation. VTT networking technologies are designed to meet these needs of evolving and future Internet networks and services.



​Big data for telecom

While there is plenty of data on network status and behavior, much of it is currently under-utilised. Specific tools and processes are needed in order to benefit from all the available information. We have abundant experience in data mining, and our expertise and competence can provide in-depth analyses of network status and behavior data, enabling novel and better services.

Regular decomposition for data mining »

We have developed a new, generic method for dividing the structure and randomness of complex data creating a greatly compressed representation of the data. 

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Data analytics and data science »

We provide turn-key data analytics solutions to our customers in different application areas. We can combine state-of-the-art data analytics methods and tools with our excellent application area knowledge.


 Network management

Network management should result in networks serving their clients at an optimum level. With our novel solutions for network management, customers can build suitable network solutions for different use cases. That means reliability, flexibility, capability to control and manage and – naturally – adequate capacity.

Cognitive network management »

We offer our customers research data and solutions for the intelligent management of telecommunications networks with the goal of optimising current and future systems in order to reduce maintenance costs, enhance the functionality of the system, and improve the quality of service.

​​​Wireless mesh networks »

We help our customers to design and develop innovative methods for utilising wireless mesh networks. Our research results enable reliable, high-capacity, low-latency communication utilising heterogeneous wireless technologies.

Smart grid telecommunication emulation »

We offer a versatile service portfolio for developing electrical grid simulators, designing information networks, and developing and testing overall systems.

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Network performance 

With VTT's Quality of Service solutions, network operators and maintenance companies are able to monitor the actual quality of service and experience and react accordingly and, by doing so, keep the promised and required service level.

Network Quality of Service »

Our technology for measuring and enhancing quality of communication networks and services improves company operations by ensuring that mission-critical networked services are reliable and of optimal quality.

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​​​Network traffic analyser »

Our solution identifies the applications generating network traffic by looking at the statistical features of network flows. Our Network Traffic Analyser is based on heuristic methods, and it can identify the type of an encrypted traffic flow.

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​​​Quality-aware vertical handover »

We provide our customers with valuable scientific data and solutions for smart mobility management and network load optimisation.

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Service level agreement risk visualisation »

We have developed visualisation and calculation tools for assessing risks associated with service level agreements.

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Network equipment monitoring »

Our solutions in network equipment monitoring allow the use of standard interfaces for collecting various performance metrics from the networks.

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Network security

With our holistic cyber security approach, companies can significantly increase their protection against security attacks, and thus ensure a continuous and safe operation. 

Cyber security for industrial control systems »

Since 2006, VTT has had a very strong background in developing cyber security solutions for various critical industries. Together with National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA), VTT persistently promoted and advanced the cyber security protection of national critical infrastructures in many ways over recent years.

Better quality services for your customers

We help improve company operations by ensuring that mission-critical networked services are reliable, secure, and of optimal quality.

VTT makes use of the most modern measurement and testing equipment in two test laboratories: the CNL laboratory for converging network solutions and services, and an Ethernet test network for fixed transport networks.

The service providers we work with gain competitive advantage through the provision of better-quality services, while their customers enjoy a smoother user experience.

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