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Building Blocks for Digital Service Ecosystems


Get some flexibility and evolvability for your set of digital services!

Have you noticed how the World is digitalising fast and ICT based systems, technologies and solutions are increasingly integrated on level of digital services. Digitalization will have rapid and radical impact to current information and automation systems used in organizations.


Digital Services Hub enables creation and management od Digital Service ecosystems based on:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industrial Internet
  • Cloudificatio​n
  • 5th generation mobile networks


Benefits of Digital Service Ecosystems





  • Service reuse: Increase reuse of existing ICT based assets and save in development costs, Integration tool for joint operations and service experimentation
  • Communication: Improve communication on ICT based assets and innovation across organization and in service ecosystem
  • Co-operation: Co-create services while improving maintainability by offering reusable services and APIs for building applications and new services
  • Visibility: Increase visibility of your offerings by publishing services and APIs for other users to discover
  • Statistics: Receive feedback from your service users, monitor and control access to digital services by collecting usage statistics, e.g. for billing purposes



Get some flexibility and evolvability for your set of digital services!

Open service:, Free for R&D use
Backend available as Open source with Apache2 lisence in  GitHub