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Digitalizing industrial life-cycle services for global customers, case Valmet


​VTT and Valmet have developed solutions to manage increasing data amounts, flexible ways to handle the data collaboratively and globally according to stakeholders' needs when planning upgrade services for customers. Solutions cover the automatized collection and handling of installed base information, and life-cycle plans for customers including the new upgrade planning process. The solution gives digital tools for service manager and for customers to plan their system life-cycle in close co-operation and provide customer specific services globally when needed.

From customer perspective the most critical requirements for industrial automation services are that 1) the offered service is providing clear value added for the current automation process, 2) service can be provided piece by piece without big, sudden investments, and 3) risks for unexpected process downtimes can be avoided. From the vendor perspective 4) unexpected, extra maintenance work or long delays in system upgrades at customers' are not desirable.

The upgrade planning must be a continuous activity and is done in close co-operation with customers. For being a proactive service provider Valmet must have deep insight on technology evolution, customer installed systems and conducted life-cycle operations. This requires that information regarding life-cycle, configuration and feedback must be collected from many sources and combined together throughout the systems life-cycles.

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Industrial automation service market for process industries is continuously increasing. Also Valmet has benefited from significant yearly growth in service business, and expectations are that the demand for services will even increase in the future. Valmet aims to continuously create value by improving the quality, production, environmental aspects and cost efficiency of their customers' processes.


Antti Välimäki, Valmet

Senior Project Manager