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Discover Continuous Insight and Experimentation of Future Opportunities


​Help your company both to discover new opportunities and experiment the selected ones. Our approach consists of two sequential cycles: 

  • Continuous Insight of Future Opportunities (CIFO)
  • Continuous Experimentation of Future Opportunities (CEFO).



Continuous Insight of Future Opportunities  (CIFO)

CIFO, the first cycle of the DigiSprint, contains four ½ day workshops facilitated by VTTers:
  1. Kick-off workshop
  2. Analysis workshop
  3. Interpretation workshop
  4. Prospection and selection workshop
After the workshops a result and feedback session with the attendees will conclude the CIFO cycle.

Continuous Experimentation of Future Opportunities (CEFO)

CEFO, the second cycle of DigiSprint, has five phases:
  1. Solution outlining based on identified business goals
  2. Information modelling to technology independent problem analysis
  3. Solution architecture design
  4. Prototype implementation and evaluation of results of selected trials
  5. Pre-production solution engineering to ensure smooth transition to production.


  • Method for the identification of opportunities of digitalization to be experimented via a CEFO cycle.
  • Potentially improved organizational agility to react to new opportunities and mitigate threats of digitalization.
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders (into value creation process) to discover development ideas in systematic way.
  • A cycle can involve:
    • Employees from different roles and departments
    • Representatives from partner network
    • Any appointed co-operation partner 
    • Invited experts from VTT.


  • Applicable when there is a clear business goal and when the idea needs to be tested by potential end users in a specific environment
  • Realization  of  ideas and needs in short steps into solutions in real world context 
  • Technology independent solution that takes into account legacy
  • Supports co-development of multiple partners
  • Supports evolution towards productisation