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Digitalisation and digital transformation

Digitalisation has been identified as one of the major trends changing the society and business. The current trends of digitalisation change the environment where companies operate. The adoption of digital technologies in the organization or in the operation environment of the organization is called digital transformation. It refers to changes at several levels, process, organization, business domain, and society.

Companies need to adopt new technologies and innovate new business models. It is strategy that is driving digital transformation but technologies make it happen. VTT helps clients with solutions where these two perspectives are combined.

​Digital transformation model

  • A structured and tailored process for shifting your organization to new ways of working and thinking.
  • Tested tools and methods for strategy building, grounded in sound research.
  • Use of digital, social, mobile, and emerging technologies that take the strategy into practice.

 Methods and tools

Digimaturity Tool

Digitalisation has been identified as one of the major trends changing the society and business. Digital transformation is a key enabler for maintaining competitiveness and reacting to continuous changes and pressure. In order to thrive in digitalisation, organisations need to adopt new technologies and innovate their business models. 

The first step is to understand your organisation’s digimaturity level. After that, selecting potential improvement steps becomes possible. VTT’s DigiMaturity tool can be used as a free-of-charge self-service web tool, which produces a basic visualisation of digimaturity. It gives a baseline of current digitalisation capabilities and maturities in six main dimensions, which can be used for recognising the most important and urgent development targets depending on nature of the business and size of the organisation.

The 6 main dimensions of VTT’s DigiMaturity tool include strategy, business model, customer interface, organisation and processes, people and culture, and information technology.

Check out VTT's DigiMaturity tool!

​Analysis of DigiPotential

The importance of digitalisation is realised by most companies, but they are often struggling to understand the potential impact and benefits of digitalisation for their company. Digitalisation potential is difficult to assess beforehand since digitalisation may change the original way-of-working considerably, making it difficult to predict what the future solution will be. Furthermore, management and customers require more detailed evidence of the benefits beforehand to accept any investment. ROI calculations are often too laborious, and enough information to complete them may not be available. Thus, VTT has created a practical Digipotential analysis tool, that can be used to identify the most potential processes/services for digitalisation. Based on the analysis companies can identify the digitalisation focus that will benefit them most. They are able to evaluate their decision from different perspectives, and make reasoned decisions on what areas are the most potential ones for the digitalisation or how to prioritise their digitalisation efforts.

The Digipotential analysis evaluates digitalisation opportunities systematically using a defined evaluation form. Potential is evaluated from several viewpoints (i.e., easiness of digitalisation, benefits and volume of service.). The analysis is carried out via interviews of the experts from different viewpoints (substance owners, management, IT) and results are summarised and discussed. Based on the results organisations are able to evaluate process/service candidates from different perspectives, and make reasoned decisions on what procesesses/services are the most potential ones for the digitalisation. The evaluation can be also used to compare different options and thus choose the best approach.


Ever wondered what your customers are looking at when they enter your store, premises or use your service? With our eye-tracking camera research, you will be able to see what attracts the users' attention, the things they notice and the things they ignore.

We have experience of studies concentrating on media content, store layouts, and restaurant service lines.

Below, you can see our eye-tracking camera in action, highlighting the points that attract a user's attention.​


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​Recent results and publications

On this page you can find the most recent digital transformation results and publications.



​​​Digitalisation survey

The results of Digitalisation survey 2018. Survey was organised by VTT and University of Oulu as part of DigiLeap-project. (in Finnish)

​ ​​​

​​​Hallintamallit yhdessä tekemiseen 

This report proposes management models for the electronic systems of growth services (business services). (in Finnish)(28.2.2018)

Digitalisation in Finnish clothing and textile industry

Check out the report about the potential of digital transformation for Finnish clothing and textile industry.      

​ ​​​​ ​​​   ​ ​​​

​​​DigiLeap -project

January 2018 started DigiLeap-project helps companies systematically advance in digitalisation. The result of the project is a solution consisting of DigiLeap –model and related support services. (in Finnish)

​​Lifecycle management in government-driven open source projects

This article introduces LCM model and framework for government-driven open-source projects and reports about its use in a real-life case study. (2017)

​ ​​​

​​​The Industrial Internet in Finland: on route to success? 

VTT Publication 278

(eds.) Tihinen & Kääriäinen, 2016

​ ​​​

​​​Industrial internet barometer 2016

Industrial Internet -barometer  2016 in Finland was organised by VTT, University of Oulu and Tivi.

​ ​​​

​​​Uusia digituotteita ja -palveluja markkinoille teollisen internetin avulla

VTT Press release (in Finnish) (19.12.2016)

​ ​​​

​​​Digitalizing Industrial Services

Industrial automation service market requires digital tools and customer tailoring in addition to high quality and timely relevant services.

​ ​​​

​​​Digitalized collaboration processes in manufacturing industries

Digitalization aims to achieve production-related advantages by creating a networked, flexible, and dynamically self-organizing collaboration processes for highly customizable products and services.

​ ​​​
​ ​​​

​​​Digital Maternity Package Concept

The digital maternity package concept is designed to collect reliable health information into a single user interface from various smart devices, electronic services and guides. The concept is aimed at making everyday life easier for families.

​ ​

​​​Co-creative Prototyping

VTT’s co-creative prototyping process transforms ideas into functional prototypes. A case study of the method is presented where IoT is applied to enhance the independent living for seniors.

​ ​​​

​​​Interactive Biodegradable Flower Pot

The potential of biodegradable sensing tools is demonstrated with a flower pot with a built-in moisture sensor. The pot is made of biodegradable materials and a moisture sensor is embedded in the soil.

​ ​​​

​​​Discover Conti­nu­ous Insight and Experimentation of Future Oppor­tuni­ties

Help your company both to discover new opportunities and experiment the selected ones.

​ ​​​

​​​A Cookbook for Predicting the Future – Introduc­tion of Foresight Tools

Saari, Suomalainen, Kuusela / VTT
Juntunen, Moqaddamerad /
University of Oulu,
Oulu Business School

​ ​​​
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