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Life cycle management of software and digital services


We help our customers gain the greatest benefit from their products and services – right up to the end of their life cycle.

An increasing proportion of our customer’s business revenues and cost savings are generated by means of systematic product and digital service life cycle management. Experienced VTT experts develop life cycle solutions in close collaboration with you, taking your starting points fully into account.

International co-operation provides insight into life cycle management

Our expertise has been widely used in the life cycle management of different products and digital services. We have collaborated with our industrial partners to develop requirement management of their products and practices related to the planning of customer-specific product updates, for example.

In collaboration with public sector actors, we have established product management models that enable the management of software owned by public sector agencies throughout their life cycle. For further information, click here.

We also act as partners in various publicly-funded projects in Finland and the rest of the EU, including various Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK) programmes. VTT plays a major role in programmes such as the Tekes-funded NeedforSpeed SHOK programme, the PROMES project, which is part of the ITEA2 cluster, and the VARIES project, which is part of the ARTEMIS programme.