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Digital service business


We identify and evaluate the business benefits of digitalisation and help companies adapt their business models to become service-oriented.

With the help of VTT's experts, companies can take advantage both of the business benefits offered by digital services and of new business opportunities. We can improve cost-efficiency, boost business processes and find new market potential through digital service ecosystems.

For example, our experts have helped retail cooperative Arina incorporate local shop Kolarin Sale into its online shopping. For Arina, combining online shopping with a traditional ground floor shop offered a way of providing a comprehensive service for the cooperative's customers – to include areas lacking continuous availability of the full service offering and product range.

Business revitalised through customer-oriented service innovation

We create entirely new, innovative business models that enable value co-creation, while analysing and renewing existing business models.

In VTT, we combine strong know-how in utilising new technologies and in service-dominant logic. In this way we offer companies a unique expertise package that can help them create value with users during service events, for example by adapting service content based on the customer's actions.

We take advantage of several different methods in developing business models, such as workshops, case studies and participatory action research, as well as business modelling methods tailored on a case-by-case basis.

Our research into marketing and trends enables us to offer significant added value to our customers' service offering. Because the new business models highlight understanding of consumer needs as fundamental to value creation, research into consumer behavior also plays a significant role in VTT's digital service business research.